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Fast Shipping, Lowest Rates

At LaminatesFloorsCheap.com we guarantee* the lowest shipping rates on your order, since we get high volume shipping discounts.  We pass those savings onto you.  We do not inflate our shipping costs.  We have yet to have anyone beat our shipping prices.  Even our customers that work for LTL trucking companies have been unable to beat our shipping rates.  If you would like to shop our shipping costs, we will give you all the specs to do so.

We guarantee the lowest shipping rates for your order.  We will provide the specs on your order so that you can shop the shipping rates.  Or if you have a quote for 1st run products with the same materials we will beat it.  But this means if they offer FREE SHIPPING and inflate their products, then we match the OUT THE DOOR COST.  No shipping company ships for free, so don’t be deceived by free shipping promotions, they merely inflate the product cost to cover shipping charges.  This is not in your best interest, since product prices for these promotions are estimated on worst case shipping scenarios.