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  • Do-It-Yourself Laminate Flooring
    If you are thinking about investing in do-it-yourself laminate flooring then it is important that you learn about laminate flooring. First you need to know where laminate flooring can be installed. Laminate flooring has...more
  • How to Install Laminate Flooring
    First you will need to measure your floor. Write down these measurements. Determine the area that want to cover by multiplying the length of the room by its width and then multiply this number by 1.1. This will give you...more
  • Laminate Flooring Brand Comparison
    The laminate flooring boom has recently seen a surge of new brand names in the laminate flooring industry.  You will learn as you shop for your laminate floor you really need to shop carefully to insure that you get...more
  • Understanding AC Ratings and Classifications
    With all the different styles, types and fancy terms, how can you tell if you are getting what you want? The following information will assist and inform you, so that you can make a choice based on the facts not just what...more