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If you have shopped around at the larger home centers, you have found that most salespeople have little or no installation experience of laminate flooring. They also have very little product knowledge of the laminate flooring they are selling.

We encourage you to NOT rely upon what manufacturers have told you about their laminate flooring. When shopping for laminate floors, you need to do your own testing to ensure you are getting a quality floor. We have created a FREE SHOPPING GUIDE to help you learn how to judge laminate flooring, so you are able to tell when you are getting a "sales job" from a salesman anxious to make commission, but that has little knowledge and quite frankly little concern about what you end up with in your home.

We only buy and sell laminate flooring that meets all the criteria to ensure that we only have high quality laminate that we would want in our own homes. (which we all have our products in our homes) We have been doing this a long time we know what makes a quality floor and what does not. Hands on, practical experience always wins out over learning about off cue cards designed to sell customers

You don't have to believe what we say just because of my experience. We will gladly send free samples of our laminate floors to anyone that asks. This way, you can truly compare our laminate flooring with the laminate flooring you have in your local home/design stores and that you may be considering. If, after receiving our samples, you don't agree that the quality, price, and construction of our laminate flooring is far superior to our competition, you have lost nothing. But, if after examination, you find what we have said is true, then we both win. We promise to give you straight answers to your questions. We also promise to be there when you are ready to install your floor. We will give you personal installation advice from a seasoned flooring installer 6 days a week. Try to get any knowledgeable installation help with any flooring company, or flooring department at Home Depot or Lowes, especially AFTER they have made their "sale".

We hope this site will open your eyes to information you haven't received anywhere else before. We offer something unheard of on the internet. When you purchase from our company, we offer advice from an experienced installer who can answer your questions about laminate flooring products and installation and the best advice to get the very best laminate floor at the lowest price. Our number one question is typically how can we afford to sell our flooring so cheap. The simple answer to that is first we buy large quantities so our pricing is lower than most our competitors. Second we also buy direct from the manufactures, so we are not paying multiple levels of distribution, and since we have no showrooms, our products are shipped directly to you from the warehouse, we have little "overhead". Lastly we process our orders in less than 15 minutes and we pay no commission or salesmen. These may all seem like small things, but they cut our costs 40-80% below our competition.


This is and has always been a family business. There are no unskilled salespeople here. All of us can give you the best customer service of your life!!!! We can help walk you through the measuring, installation, trim, padding, and any other question you may have concerning laminate flooring. This is as close as you can get to having a close relative in the laminate flooring business.

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